Patios and Walkways

Take a look at your back yard. Now, suppose you could turn that muddy mess into your own private courtyard, an outdoor recreation area, or an alfresco dining room open to the sun and stars. Patios are outdoor rooms. Whether created to entertain guests or to entertain the idea of having your own private island right in your back yard, a patio is limited only by your own imagination.

We offer a wide selection of surfaces and colors to choose from:

The surface you select will depend on several factors. Function, value and cost are important things to consider when purchasing a patio. However appearance and re-sale value are also things a potential patio buyer must be aware of as well. We try and find that "happy medium" where the client is pleased with both the appearance and the cost of their new patio. Quite often our clients receive dollar for dollar (or more) back on their original hardscape / landscape investment.

Stockel's Lawn & Landscaping builds approximately 650 patios and walkways annually. You'll feel confident with our tremendous experience and professionalism. Best of all, the end result will most definitely be something you and your family will enjoy for years to come.