Tick Control

The danger of Lyme disease is on every ones mind today. Our tick control programs can help to put you at ease.

Although they are called deer ticks and are found on deer, lyme disease originates in mice and other rodents.  These mice and rodents are living in the wood edge, tall grass, stone walls, even inside your home.

How do we control the ticks?

That is the question that brought you to this page after all.  We use a two pronged approach.  First we complete a treatment of the lawn and surrounding wooded areas you frequent.  This initial application is followed up by perimeter treatments of the wood edge and a treatment where mice will most likely be living.  We don't kill the mice but treat the ticks living in the yard.

The second phase is the use of tick tubes that are stuffed with treated cotton the mice will use to build their nests.

How many treatments does it take?  I suggest a monthly control program though you can reduce the tick population with as few as 4 applications.

How do I get started?  You can call us at 732 446-9040 or fill out the free estimate form by clicking on the button above.

We have other options available to us depending on your particular situation. Call us for a free site inspection and estimate or to learn more about our tick control programs.